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Fairview Community Park Ribbon Cutting

Thank you to all that came out for the ribbon-cutting at Fairview Community park to review the new playground and workout equipment. The park was opened in 2010 by the Commissioners in place and was in need of upgrades and more for our youth and those in the district. Now, we are here in 2022 giving the park what it needs for the youth and the community. As the Parks and Recreation Director, Dwayne Mask stated, this process began in September of 2021, and together with their assistance during my first(1st) year as Commissioner we improved the following:

  1. Playground and added outside workout equipment

  2. Added security lights

  3. Added more benches around the playground area so parents can watch their children while playing on the equipment

  4. Cut the trees for visibility inside the park and around the fence affecting neighbor's homes

  5. Removed inoperable cars

  6. Replaced the pavilion benches

  7. Added signage to stop the dumping within the park

  8. Added signage to stop the overnight parking and reiterated park hours

  9. Placed the park on a maintenance schedule

  10. Increase Sheriff patrol in the area

On this special day, there were many who came out to support and I want o make sure that I mention:

  • Thank you, Pastor Lewis E Logan IIof St. Paul AME Church for blessing the park and the community.

  • Thanks to my fellow colleague that attended and showed support for the community. Commissioner JC Henderson

  • Thank you to the COMMUNITY for your support and for keeping me abreast of the needs in the area. District 3 Community

  • Thank you to my amazing constituents who took these awesome photos.

There is more to come in Newton County and District 3. Together we can make a difference.

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