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Newton County Commissioner Alana Sanders Appointed to Key Positions within the National Association



Commissioner Alana Sanders

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Newton County Commissioner Alana Sanders Appointed to Key Positions within the National Association of Counties

Newton County, GA - July 22, 2023 - The Honorable Commissioner Alana Sanders of Newton County, GA, has been appointed to prestigious positions within the National Association of Counties (NACo), underscoring her dedication to advancing county governance and serving the needs of her community. Commissioner Sanders' recent appointments to various roles within NACo highlight her exceptional leadership and commitment to driving positive change at both the local and national levels.

Commissioner Sanders' appointments within NACo are as follows:

1. Women of NACo - National Secretary: Commissioner Sanders has been entrusted with the role of National Secretary for Women of NACo, an esteemed position that empowers and advocates for women leaders in counties nationwide.

2. Next Generation Network - Chair: In her capacity as Chair of the Next Generation Network, Commissioner Sanders will play a pivotal role in nurturing collaboration and dialogue among young elected officials, fostering the next generation of county leaders.

3. Programs and Services Standing Committee - Vice Chair: Commissioner Sanders will serve as Vice Chair of the Programs and Services Standing Committee, contributing her expertise to shape and enhance NACo's initiatives, ensuring they effectively address the evolving needs of counties across the United States.

4. Human Services and Education Steering Committee - Subcommittee Vice Chair, Education, Children, and Families Subcommittee: Commissioner Sanders will hold the role of Subcommittee Vice Chair, focusing on vital issues pertaining to human services and education, with a particular emphasis on the well-being of children and families.

Furthermore, Commissioner Sanders had the distinct honor of being invited to participate on one of NACo's panels to discuss "The purpose of tracking County Resident's Complaints using GIS," highlighting her expertise and proactive approach to addressing county residents' concerns.

Elected to office in 2021, Commissioner Alana Sanders is a trailblazer, making history as the first African-American female to serve on the board of commissioners and the first African-American to win District 3 in Newton County. Her appointment to these significant roles within NACo solidifies her position as a passionate advocate for her constituents and a dedicated public servant committed to driving progress.

In Commissioner Sanders' words: "It is a tremendous honor to be appointed to these critical positions within the National Association of Counties. I remain deeply committed to serving my community and county, and I see these roles as opportunities to bring additional resources and initiatives that will positively impact the lives of our residents. As a commissioner, seeking training outside of the county is essential to effectively serve our constituents to the best of our ability. The valuable training received by commissioners has allowed us to bring numerous resources to Newton County, further enhancing our ability to serve and uplift our community."

Commissioner Sanders' commitment to self-improvement and dedication to her role as a public servant is evident through her achievements. Notably, Commissioner Sanders is a state-certified Commissioner, having completed an impressive 66 hours of training in just six months, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to providing the best possible service to the people of Newton County.

The citizens of Newton County can rest assured that their interests will be well-represented and their voices amplified on the national stage through Commissioner Sanders' active involvement in NACo. Her leadership within NACo and the board of commissioners will undoubtedly lead to further progress and prosperity for Newton County.


About Newton County:

Newton County is a vibrant community located in the heart of Georgia, renowned for its natural beauty, strong sense of community, and commitment to progress. Newton County is a 279-square-mile area east of Atlanta on Interstate 20 in north-central Georgia. According to the United States Census Bureau's 2021 Census, Newton County has a population of 115,335. With Commissioner Alana Sanders at the helm, the county continues to strive for excellence and innovation in serving its residents and fostering a thriving environment for all.

Note to Editors:

For more information about Commissioner Alana Sanders and her recent appointments, please visit High-resolution photos and interview opportunities are available upon request.

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