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Thank You! District 3 and Newton County

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Alana Sanders, Commissioner Elect

Hello Neighbors,

My heart is full and thankful for this journey God has allowed me to achieve. First, I want to thank my heavenly father for showing me he is always faithful, and he will never leave me nor forsake me. In Him, I will always trust. Secondly, I want to thank my family, friends, District 3 Community for believing in me. This is a path that I could not do alone and your support from the beginning and during my tenure is much appreciated. District 3 Community, you are truly amazing, and words cannot express all the wonderful people I have met on this journey and pray that we build a lasting friendship. I want to be the voice that makes all of District 3 proud. Please understand, that I am not perfect, but I will work just as hard to get the job done. The love and support I am receiving from those not only in Newton County have been a blessing. This has been a race with love from across the world. The change in Newton County has been displayed through various supporters through your prayers, sharing all my media, and constant encouragement which has inspired me to keep moving towards the finish line.

Public service has always been a part of my make-up and serving you this coming new year will be a pleasure. One of the main reasons I have decided to run for office is to see progression within District 3. District 3 includes the most homeowners, entrepreneurs, economic growth, and increase in population. There is so much that we can do together to make our area much more livable for all residents. My goal is to make sure that funds will be allocated back to our district and to provide those things that our neighbors have been wanting to achieve over the years. Although, I know it will take time to get everything in place for I will have to do extensive research on the items that are currently in existence, so we can have an effective plan. It is called, “Change for the better.” Why? Because with my neighbor’s support and being a part of the change, “Together we can make a difference.” I believe in having a team that holds you accountable to where I have a group of residents who will keep me on my toes to make sure that I am upholding my end as their commissioner. I also, challenge all residents to become more involved within their community and attend the Board of Commissioner's meetings regularly so they are aware of what is happening within their county. This will help them seek a better understanding of the role that the commissioner plays in representing the district. It is so important that we all do our parts.

As your next commissioner, there are a few things mentioned I wanted to make sure will be in place:

  • Regarding our crime, I want to work as a team with law enforcement and provide what is needed to keep our district and Newton County safe. We must support those that vow to protect us along with the residents feeling safe to move about the community. During this current movement, having a relationship with law enforcement is needed so that we can discuss a plan for our community and keep an open line of communication.

  • Building. a commUNITY-based center of learning that will host special sessions to increase the knowledge and skillset in our neighborhood. The goal is to establish careers and not just the skills to maintain a job. The center will also host special events, educational classes, and an area for youth activities. Along with the center to include a park where our children can freely play that can also house intramural activities for our youth

  • Various commUNITY building projects that will bring our residents together and will also support our small businesses within the area. We hear of many speaking of the North and the South sides of District 3. As we say, “One Newton” we are, “One District” and it should not be separated. Now, I understand some areas in the district need more attention that has not been catered to over the years. There should never be a distinction and I will do my best to make sure we are all One Newton. We are District 3 CommUNITY, “Bringing the Unity back into the community.

  • There is a desperate need to support our small businesses and entrepreneurs within the district to make sure the tax dollars stay within our community. Creating a platform for our businesses in the area to reach the community will assist with awareness and continuous support.

This is just a portion of the progression I would like to see within the district along with the list I have received from my neighbors. You will hear me say, “neighbors” instead of, “constituents” because I am their neighbor, and any decisions made affect us all in District 3. Again, I thank you for believing in me and let us rise to the occasion to make a difference, together. #OneNewton #OneDistrict

Your Commissioner Elect,

Alana L. Sanders

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