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As a mother, an educator, and a resident for 16 years, I must not ignore those things that need to be changed. (20 years in Georgia) Public service has always been a part of my make-up from declarations that are recorded with the state capitol or volunteering my services with nonprofits and schools within the county. It is not about a title, power, political gain, or occupying a seat. It is about the betterment of our neighborhood. One of the main reasons I have decided to run for office is that there hasn't been much progression within District 3. Our seniors, youth, and young adults in the district are my main concerns. Funds need to be allocated back to our district and the commissioner's responsibility is to make sure they put those that voted for them in the position first. It’s time for a change and a better District 3.
A Time For Change
  • My goal is to work as a team with law enforcement and provide what they need to keep our district and Newton County safe. Did you know there was a point where the Sherriff’s budget was reduced by more than $9 Million? Many have complained about crime in various areas but if the funds are not available, officers cannot constantly patrol where needed or it places a freeze on hiring new officers.

  • The 2017 SPLOST was approved by Newton County voters on March 21, 2017, expected to raise ​an estimated $64,800,000 million for the county and municipal projects. $50 million has been allocated and less than 2% is being utilized in district 3. What about District 3?

  • My goal is to make sure the funds for our district are allocated properly and placed back into the community. We have too much talent in the district and county for contracts to be outsourced. There is a desperate need to support our small businesses and entrepreneurs within the district.

  • The communication flow to our district is antiquated to where many are not informed. We must become updated with technology or we will lose our youth and the voting millennials and centennials to other counties.

  • My priority is to evaluate those things in the district to make sure that they are benefiting the residents in the community. If not, then they need to be eliminated and evolved into items that will be beneficial to the well-being of your neighborhoods.

  • Bullying within the school system has become an enormous problem within Newton County. It is my goal to team up with the Board of Education to provide resources that can assist with an Anti-Bullying campaign and the professionals needed to assist our children.

  • Newton County possesses much talent and skill where our businesses need to be utilized and ELEVATED.

  • My goal is to hire from within the district before outsourcing resources.

  • Highlighting the accomplishments within the district so that residents get to know their district neighbors and the great things they have achieved.

  • My goal is to build commUNITY-based centers of learning that will host special sessions to increase the knowledge and skill-set in our neighborhood. The goal is to establish careers and not just the skills to maintain a job.  The center will also host special events, educational classes, and an area for youth activities.

  • My goal is to work closely with the other commissioners on the board as a Team. It is my duty to make sure funds are available to fix the roads in our neighborhoods within Newton County

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