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Commissioner Alana Sanders 2020-2021 Year in Review

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

"I never wanted to be that public servant you only see during campaign season. We are in this together."

Once I was elected, it was my goal to connect with the community and to find ways to assist my fellow neighbors. The most challenging part was campaigning during a pandemic and trying to connect with my fellow neighbors. During this time many families were in need; some were still quarantined, companies closing their doors, breadwinners out of work, the exhaustion from our essential workers, and students experiencing the new normal of homeschooling. A

As the first to team up with IKEA to provide desks for our students in the district and connect with businesses in the area to give away laptops/tablets and the essential items needed to make our youth virtual experience better.


  1. July/August Food Drive for neighbors in the county

  2. Hosted the ABCs and 123s to voting webinars to provide voter education and awareness. Created a guide to explain the voting process. Module A & Module B

  3. IKEA community desk giveaway for youth in the community to provide a virtual workstation.

  4. December Christmas Giveaway to the community with Honey Baked Ham, tablets, and flat-screens giveaway from local businesses

  5. Attended groundbreaking for the Newton County Sheriff's Office

  6. Attended the groundbreaking for fire station #8 in District 3


After being sworn into office in December of 2020, I hit the ground running with a plan to connect with the community and service those in need. Take a walk with me as I share with you a brief journey through my first year as the District 3 Commissioner in Newton County, GA.

January 2021

  1. Created the FAQs document for the district

  2. Created the DIstrict 3 Community Quarterly Newsletter

  3. Attended Newton County’s State Delegation Meeting

  4. Invited to the Covington Housing Authority Board Meeting

  5. Attended meeting with property owner and County Engineer to discuss the Jack Neely roundabout.

  6. Attended HOA meeting with Fairview Estates Subdivision

  7. Invited to be a part of the board for the Newton County Family Connection


Jan-April Fairview Community Park Upgrades

  1. Removed abandoned vehicles on the property

  2. Added the needed signage at the park

  3. Added security lights in the park through Snapping Shoals

  4. Met with the State Park's Director to upgrade the park to add a community center

  5. Worked with Parks and Rec. to provide continuous maintenance to the park.


February 2021

  1. Out of 109 subdivisions in District 3, I visited 53 today to look at their amenities, and to become more familiar with the area. From Covington to Oxford

  2. Created the Newton County Black History Virtual Celebration teaming with youth in the area.

  3. Featured on the Regina Sunshine Show to speak m yposition as an elected official

  4. Invited to attend the Facebook, “She Leads” event

  5. Attended Facebook Safety for Women Legislators + Candidates

March 2021

  1. The Residents of Fairclift subdivision now have visibility to see coming out of their subdivision, Trees were cut down to gain more visibility

  2. Attended HOA meeting with Fairview Commons Subdivision

  3. Hosted monthly town hall

  4. Invited speaker for Women History Month Fireside Chat

  5. Attended Ground Breaking for Denny Dobbs Skatepark

  6. Attended Ground Breaking for Dinah Pace Park

  7. Newton County BOC Retreat

  8. Work with the community about the zoning issues in the area


April 2021

  1. Community clean-up with the Chad Livey experience

  2. Working with the County to get the 2nd entrance of a subdivision open for the safety of the residents

  3. 2022 FY Budget Workshop

  4. Hosted monthly town hall focusing on the FY 2022 budget

  5. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Meeting with 911 Director Trudy Henry

  6. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Kathryn G Morgan 278 project

  7. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Cindy Wiemann with Animal Services

  8. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Lindsay Dycus with CASA

  9. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Jason Johnson with County Maintenance

  10. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Randy McGinley, Newton County DA

  11. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Judy Johnson with Development Services

  12. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Kenya Wooden with Newton County DFACS

  13. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Freda Reed with Senior Services

May 2021

  1. Hosted monthly town hall with State Rep, Sharon Henderson

  2. Attended the Pavilion Dedication at City Pond

  3. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Buster Palmer Fleet Maintenance

  4. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Judge Melanie Bell with the probate court

  5. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Tim Lawrence with GIS

  6. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Lace Keaton with the Newton County Library

  7. Attended the ribbon cutting of O’Reilly Early Learning Center Ribbon Cutting

  8. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Judge Cheveda McCamy

  9. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Ashley Best with 4-H Extension Office

  10. Getting to know the Directors County Tour: Judge Candice Branche with Juvenile Court


June 2021

  1. Hosted Newton Community Summer Fitness Series

  2. Juneteenth Parade and Celebration

  3. Created the “Miss Georgia Juneteenth Pageant” for girls ages 7-18

  4. Requested that the road list for the county be disclosed on the county website.

  5. Hosted Kidpreneurs workshop

  6. Groundbreaking for New 911-Public Safety Radio System in District 3

  7. ACCG Leadership Conference

  8. Fire Station #8 Ribbon Cutting


July 2021

  1. Hosted Newton Community Summer Fitness Series

  2. Hosted monthly Town Hall with Tax Commissioner

  3. Guest speaker at the “Drive-Thru Trunk Party,” for entering college students

  4. Ribbon Cutting @ Central Church

  5. Ribbon Cutting E & E Center for Events

August 2021

  1. Hosted Newton Community Summer Fitness Series

  2. Worked with citizens in the district to add needed Signs/Signals for saftey.

  3. Hosted the Newton County Ladies Retreat

  4. Hosted First Time Homebuyers workshop

  5. Sung at the Senior Celebration with Senior Services

  6. Attended ACCG Central Region Policy Committee Meeting in Macon, GA

September 2021

  1. Ellington Rd Oxford. Assisted citizen to fix property accidentally damaged by County equipment


October 2021

  1. Faith & Blue with Covington PD & Sheriff's Office

  2. Bike ride with Covington Police Department

  3. Breast Cancer Walk with Creekview Heights

  4. New park equipment in Fairview Community Park

  5. Assisted Residents with the blind-spot issue on Cook Rd

  6. Assisted resident with repairing road entrance at Avonlea and Overlook subdivisions

  7. Had the trees and branches removed at Fairview park

  8. Attended Coopers Lake HOA Meeting and Family Fun Day

  9. Created the ARPA Funds worksheet and the original draft of the sectors including the allocations

  10. Participated in the, "Walk A Mile," Domestic Violence Walk


November 2021

  1. Completed Certification for Commissioner Training

  2. Attended the ACCG County Commissioners Convention

  3. Newton County voting delegate for ACCG

  4. Attended National Caucus of Black State Legislators

  5. Attended NACo Conference

  6. Attended the Newton Rams Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to the champ

  7. Nominated youth in District 3 to attend 4-H Camp


December 2021

  1. Created the ARPA funds worksheet and original allocation.

  2. Attended the volunteer Christmas party for Taylor Made Foundation

  3. Fairview community park equipment installation

  4. Sung at the senior Services Christmas luncheon

  5. Attended Employees Appreciation luncheon

  6. 200 Bicentennial celebration

  7. Invited to speak to the Clements Middle School G.E.M.S.

  8. Assisted Residents in Creekview Heights Subdivision with flooding issues

Happy New Year!
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