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What has Commissioner Sanders done this time?

Making Progress in District 3: Alana Sanders' 2021 Projects

Discover Commissioner Alana Sanders' inspiring journey from 2021 to 2023 in Part 1 of her video series. Experience the positive changes, innovative initiatives, and notable accomplishments that have defined District 3 in Newton County during her dedicated leadership. Immerse yourself in the progress and unwavering commitment that characterize Commissioner Sanders' tenure, setting the stage for a vibrant community.

In the initial phase of Commissioner Alana Sanders' community impact, she dived into service from day one, addressing the needs of her residents. Here are just a few highlights from her first year in office:

1. Pioneering collaboration with IKEA, she became the first elected official to provide free desks and tablets to youth in the district.

2. Ensuring residents stay informed, Commissioner Sanders regularly crafted FAQs, newsletters, and blogs to keep neighbors updated on local, state, and federal government activities.

3. Tackling safety concerns, she cleared areas with overgrown trees and shrubbery, enhancing visibility to assist with reducing accidents and crime.

4. Addressing issues in areas lacking signage and lighting, Commissioner Sanders collaborated with county departments to install proper safety measures.

5. Responding to long-standing concerns, she prioritized the paving of subdivision roads that had been neglected for years.

6. Staying true to her commitments, Commissioner Alana Sanders collaborated with the state director of Parks and Recreation to enhance existing recreational areas. Additionally, she is working with Rockdale County officials to develop a nature park of the land donated to both counties, ensuring alignment with the district's Parks and Recreation master plan for enhanced recreational opportunities.

7. Organizing community cleanups to enhance the district's overall appearance.

8. Introducing the Newton County Ladies Retreat, a four-year tradition providing a space for women aged 10 and up from across Newton County.

This is just a snapshot of Commissioner Sanders' impactful initiatives during her first year in office, representing District 3 in Newton County, Georgia. Stay Tuned for more updates on what she has done and future plans with the community in mind.

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